woodsEnd Guiding Principles

woodsEnd Guiding Principles

wE recognize that God is love, and God extends that love to all people without condition or reservation.  Therefore, our response is:

Love God

Love our neighbors as ourselves

Love our enemies.

wE believe that all people are created equally in the image of God.

wE believe in the original goodness of Creation.

wE strive to practice inclusivity.

wE seek to honor Christ’s Lordship by living in accordance with Jesus’s teachings, His example, and His way of peace.

wE understand God to be a loving, relational flow between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

wE, as the Church, relieve the suffering of the poor and oppressed.

wE honor all seekers of truth.

wE are the stewards of all of God’s Creation and are commissioned to care for it.

wE seek practices that are meant to transform us, such as worship, prayer, meditation, contemplation, and scientific observation.

wE honor scripture as inspired work that testifies to Jesus the Christ and is useful for instruction.