Honorable Mentions: Compassionate, October 3, 2021

Honorable Mentions: Compassionate, October 3, 2021

What are Honorable Mentions?  They are the quotes, book references, videos, etc that may have been brought up during Sunday’s sermon and are posted here in case somebody would like to check them out.  Please remember that all references occurred within the context of the sermon.  Sermon delivered by Pastor Bryan Hackett.  Link to the recorded sermon is at the bottom of the page.

Bible References

Galatians 6:7-10; Ecclesiastes 11:4-6; John 5:1-15

Other Quotes

Most of his life, Gandhi opposed social injustice and worked towards improving the conditions of minority
groups (this included the untouchables, women and several others). He accepted the caste system on a
spiritual level but did not accept its social implications. Since the caste system was not morally right, Gandhi
fought for the rights of the untouchables and, as a result, got the discrimination against them outlawed. This
included all discrimination in all levels of the caste system. Gandhi respected all living things and died
supporting morality.–The Caste System and Gandhi – Morality (weebly.com)

Book Referenced

The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist (https://www.amazon.com/Soul-Money-Transforming-Your-Relationship/dp/0393353974/ref=sr_1_1?crid=NNZG1OTM7TG6&dchild=1&keywords=the+soul+of+money&qid=1633365549&sprefix=the+soul+of+money%2Caps%2C207&sr=8-1)

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