Honorable Mentions: This is Us, March 14, 2021

Honorable Mentions: This is Us, March 14, 2021

What are Honorable Mentions?  They are the quotes, book references, videos, etc that may have been brought up during Sunday’s sermon and are posted here in case somebody would like to check them out.  Please remember that all references occurred within the context of the sermon.  Sermon delivered by Pastor Christine Hackett.  Link to the recorded sermon is at the bottom of the page.

Bible References

John 1:1; Acts 17:24-28; Ephesians 4:3-7


“A Mass movement readily exploits the discontent and frustration of large segments of the population which for some reason or another cannot face the responsibility of being persons and standing on their own feet. But give these persons a movement to join, a cause to defend, then they will go to any extreme, stop at no crime, intoxicated as they are by the slogans that give them a pseudo religious sense of transcending their own limitations.”–Thomas Merton on Christianity and Totalitarianism (1960)

Link to Sermon Video


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