Honorable Mentions: Trust and Snakes, July 26, 2020

Honorable Mentions: Trust and Snakes, July 26, 2020

What are Honorable Mentions?  They are the quotes, book references, videos, etc that may have been brought up during Sunday’s sermon and are posted here in case somebody would like to check them out.  Please remember that all references occurred within the context of the sermon.  Sermon delivered by Pastor Bryan Hackett. 

Bible References

Luke 5; Proverbs 3:5; Matthew 18:3; Isaiah 11:6-9; Matthew 10:16


That is the apex, the ultimate, the extreme allowed to any theology, any philosophy and any scholarship: the back of God—provided they really desire to see his face.”  Fridolin Stier

The following quotes are from Ruthless Trust, by Brennan Manning  (Link to the book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ruthless-Trust-Ragamuffins-Path-God/dp/0062517767/ref=sr_1_1?crid=35AOZ6RQFD46Y&dchild=1&keywords=ruthless+trust+brennan+manning&qid=1596222720&sprefix=ruthless+trust%2Caps%2C180&sr=8-1)

1. “The most brilliant student I ever taught in seminary was a young man named Augustus Gordon. He now lives as a hermit six months each year in a solitary cabin deep in the Smoky Mountains above Liberty, Tennessee. The remaining half-year he travels the country preaching the gospel on behalf of Food for the Poor, a missionary outreach feeding the hungry and homeless in Haiti, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands. 

On a recent visit I asked him, “Gus, could you define the Christian life in a single sentence?” He didn’t even blink before responding. “Brennan,” he said, “I can define it in a single word: trust.”

2.  He gives another example in Mother Teresa, when she was visited by the ethicist, John Kavanaugh.

“What do you want me to pray for?” she asked. He voiced the request that he had borne thousands of miles from the United States: “Pray that I have clarity.” 

“She said firmly, “No, I will not do that.” When he asked her why, she said, “Clarity is the last thing you are clinging to and must let go of.” When Kavanaugh commented that she always seemed to have the clarity he longed for, she laughed and said, “I have never had clarity; what I have always had is trust. So I will pray that you trust God.”

3.  Often trust begins on the far side of despair. When all human resources are exhausted, when the craving for reassurance is stifled, when we forgo control, when we cease trying to manipulate God and demystify Mystery, then—at our wits’ end—trust happens within us, and the untainted cry, “Abba, into your hands I commend my spirit,” surges from the heart.


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