Food for Thought: Prayer, February 5, 2020

Food for Thought: Prayer, February 5, 2020

Our mid-week services are designed for open discussion among a group of people with diverse philosophies and beliefs. These are the notes from those meetings, and reflect the desire to explore thought within and outside the Christian tradition. They do not represent official doctrine, but a willingness to explore our shared humanity. As such, they are somewhat incomplete without the experience of actual discussions. We post them here for the sake of those who would like to have them but cannot always make it out to a mid-week service.


Here are 5 questions to consider and get the discussion started.

Is there something that you do regularly that you might call prayer in the sense of seeking to communicate with something outside of yourself?  What is it like for you?

Is this a rational thing to do?

What makes us reach outside of who we are to anybody at all, furthermore a presence (being? consciousness?) which we cannot sense with the normal human senses.

If you are a regular prayer person, what do you think it has done for you in both individual instances and over time?

Is the notion of “wordless prayer” confusing to you, or perhaps pointless?


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