Edgewood Christian School has been a ministry of woodsEnd church since 1984.  We offer quality private education at a reasonable price, God-centered and challenging curriculum, and a staff of caring teachers with many years of experience. wE is a school too! ECS is accepting enrollment now.  We are offering K-3 , K-4 and K-5 Kindergarten.You can call the office for information at 505-281-5091 / 505-459-0682 or…  come by and see us.

ECS is now Edgewood Christian Preschool and Kindergarten.  Open registration begins now. We have a three day or five day a week program  for your 3 yr olds, and five days a week program for K-4 .  Structured learning and play.  All Christ centered and taught by our own Linda Jackson .

Our Kindergarten (K-5) is a superb 5 year old program using Abeka curriculum and taught by our veteran teacher, the highly acclaimed Ms. Connie.  It is a full five day program and emphasizes reading and basic skills in math, social skills, and Bible teaching.  Your child will learn to read!  He or she will also grow in character and basic school etiquette.

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Who we are:   Christian preschool and kindergarten for the East Mountain area10891541_10153007231588373_2105268218918190041_n

We are a not for profit, private Christian school located in the East Mountains. We teach grades K3 , K4 and K5. Our school has been operating since 1984.

Check out our google ad. Edgewood Preschool and Kindergarten.…

Our classes are small, providing individual attention for each student. Our results are tangible–kids who know how to read, write, think, and get along.  On the whole, our students’ performance is consistently much higher than average.

K-3/4 yr. old

Linda Jackson

about Miss Linda…

  • K/3 meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday (3 days a week)-reduced tuition
  • Alternative K/3 meets Monday through Friday (5 days a week)
  • K/4 meets Monday through Friday (5 days a week)

“I have been working for over ten years teaching toddlers and babies, and I have come to believe that small children learn and thrive in a well structured, yet loving environment.  So,  integrated into everything we do, the children of ECS K-3/4 will learn with lots of hugs and positive reinforcement.

I also believe that a hands on approach to learning makes it easier for kids to remember concepts and keeps their attention.

I find it important to teach love and respect for each other, by modeling and gently enforcing kindness, sharing, manners and love for Jesus most of all.

All that we do will make them ready for “Big Kid School”.

While discipline is a necessary part of teaching, I prefer to teach good choices and forgiveness using our ‘ducks”.  Each child’s ‘duck’ place will be used to motivate the child to good, better and best behavior and reinforce good attitudes.  Rewards of stickers and other incentives are also a part of my plan this year”.

My Goals for K-3/4 kids

  • to learn to sit at a table
  • to learn to take instruction and direction
  • to learn shapes and colors
  • to build motor skills with various activities
  • to learn to identify numbers 1-10
  • basic counting and ‘how many’
  • very basic number skills = and –
  • the sound of each of the letters
  • small word formation
  • identify places on a map

Class Motto:

Jesus is always there, even if we make a mistake!

Class Schedule:

  • Bible
  • Letters
  • Break and recess
  • Shapes and colors
  • Lunch and recess
  • Quiet time
  • Our world
Wednesday-same schedule of subjects
  • Music
Friday-same schedule of subjects
  • Arts and Crafts

4 year olds have a more complex curriculum and will learn to read by the end of the year.

K5 – AK5

Connie Koger

about Miss Connie…

Connie is the mother of seven and a seasoned teacher of children. She has an uncanny way of connecting with even the most precocious child. She can pull the best out of each little one. Connie has been with this ministry since 1992 (as a volunteer) and since 2002 as Kindergarten teacher.

from Miss Connie…

My Philosophy

“I believe that our children’s earliest experiences in a structured school setting are very important. Many of these children are away from home for the first time. Not only will they learn to read, write, and add, they will also learn how to sit at a desk, and raise their hands before speaking. They will learn how to relate to their peers and the new adults that are caring for them. They will learn a whole new set of rules and they will begin to understand how to structure their time. Children are, by nature, incredible students, and they will live what they have been taught. I believe that it is important to present these new principles in a patient and loving manner. I want to use great care and respect, remembering that not only are these children precious to their parents, but also oh so precious and loved by Jesus himself.

Discipline must be maintained to keep the classroom running well. I write names on the board as a visual reminder to them that they have been warned to change a disruptive behavior. I prefer to correct behavior as we go along rather than let unacceptable behavior continue”.



  • sit at a desk for at least fifteen minutes at a time
  • raise hands before speaking
  • read one vowel words in sentences with sight words
  • read one and two vowel words in sentences with sight words
  • recognize and write numbers 1-20
  • count to 100
  • add and subtract one to a number
  • read short sentences


  • become familiar with many phonics rules in order to facilitate reading skills
  • read at or above first grade level
  • correctly form letters focusing on the development of fine motor skills
  • simple addition and subtraction
  • tell time to the hour, quarter hour, and half hour
  • count to 100 by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • become aware of America’s place in history
  • become aware of other countries and cultures
  • begin to understand more about God’s creation and how they relate to it

Class Mottos

Jesus loves you.
Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Basic Classroom Schedule

  • Pledge of allegiance and Christian pledge
  • Bible time
  • phonics
  • break for snack and am recess
  • penmanship and reading
  • break for lunch and pm recess
  • thirty minute quiet time
  • number skills
  • social studies/science
  • prepare for leaving


Annual tuition $4000.00 per student for all grades (10 payments of $400 August – May)

Discounts available

Advanced payment $100 Full tuition paid in advance, per student-K-4, K-5

FEES K3-3 day week/5 day week

Annual Tuition 3 day wk

Annual Tuition 5 day wk


$3000/yr for 3 day wk.

$4000/yr for 5 day wk.

$300 payments due on the 1st of each month  (August through May)

$400 payments due on the 1st of each month (August through May)



Christine Hackett, Principal

About Miss Christine…

Christine, along with her husband Tim, founded ECS in 1984. Her passion is discipleship of  little people (and big).

Qualifications:  35  years of Pastoral, Educational and Counseling experience, as well as a Bachelors degree in Christian Ministry and a Masters in Divinity. Christine began and continues to administrate the school.

From Miss Christine…

My philosophy on education begins and ends with the God given uniqueness found in every child. I believe children are gifted by him and have a supreme purpose in life. Our job as educators is to help them find it and walk it out by the following means:

  • Excellent basic academic training
  • Christ centered relationship training
  • A spiritual atmosphere and loving attention
  • Character development through reasonable discipline and challenging experiences

We believe ECS is supplementary in the education of your child. We view ourselves as your support system in the most important job of your life.


At Edgewood Christian School we primarily use materials from A Beka Book. To see what is taught at each grade level, A Beka Book provides a comprehensive listing of subject matter which you may view here.

Because our school is non-denominational, we desire to teach the Bible and minister to a multiplicity of Christian and non-Christian families. For each level taught at our school, we use a variety of age-appropriate, Christ centered Bible curriculum in place of A Beka Bible curriculum.

A Happy Parent

Kudos to ECS preschool program

“THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY NEGATIVE things in the news lately about our local schools that I wanted to take a minute to shine a spotlight on a local asset.

Edgewood Christian School, or ECS, has been educating kids in the East Mountains for 30 years and they’ve been doing a great job of it.  My son has attended the school for two years already, but I did not feel compelled to write this letter until last weekend’s end of the year awards ceremony.  I WAS ASTONISHED AT WHAT I SAW AND WANT TO SHARE IT WITH THE COMMUNITY.

ECS launched a K-3 program this school year, emphasizing to all interested parents that this is not a daycare program, but a pre-school that will prepare kids for full time pre-K and this school has delivered on its promise.  During the awards ceremony, proud parents watched their 3-year olds correctly identify shapes, colors and continents on a map.

While we were all impressed with those achievements, we were blown away by what followed.  Two tiny girls stood up in front of the crowd to read several simple sentences, and then one legibly wrote her name.  The teacher went on to tell us that they had spent the school year learning all the letters of the alphabet; they knew all the sounds of the letters and were refining their motor skills with basic penmanship.  Did I mention that they’ve done all that attending school only three days a week??

After the pre-schoolers knocked our socks off, the kindergarteners  took turns reading advanced stories in front of the audience.  One read an excerpt from the speech given by President Ronald Regan on the occasion of the Challenger disaster.  The excerpts contained several third and fourth grade level reading words, and the kids were completely comfortable with them.  It was the most impressive display of early education many of us had ever seen.

As parents paying for private school, my husband and I often assess the educational return we are getting for our tuition dollars, and at ECS (Edgewood Christian School) there is no question that every dollar we have spent is well worth it.  Our oldest will enter the first/second grade class this fall, where he will benefit from an estimated 9 to 1 teacher/student ratio, and that teacher is Master’s level educated.  Our youngest will join the K-3/4 program, and I will start counting down the days to next year’s award ceremony, when I hope to see my 3 year old stand on stage to read and write.”

Vicky Baca, Edgewood,  May, 2014

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